1 Goal and 5 Ways to Enrich Your Small Group Time!

One goal that I have in creating and maintaining this blog, which is yet to be seen, is to pass along stuff I like or find interesting.  Essentially that is articles or blog post that I didn’t write nor had anything to do with but I found beneficial.  Below is one such post.  I’m not familiar with the rules of blogging, so I don’t know if what I’m doing is frowned upon or not.  I just want to pass on that information and if that means you pass through my blog to a better blog, I’m okay with that.  It doesn’t bother me that you skip right over the paragraph (this paragraph) that I’ll try to write to introduce the actual blog that I’m highlighting.

Today’s blog is from “More than Dodgeball.” I’m highlighting a post about 5 way to improve or enrich your small group experience.  I’ve lead multiple small groups and could probably come up with my own list of ways to improve your small group experience, but “More than Dodgeball” has already done it.  Plus they’ve come up with a bunch of other good stuff that you might stumble across  on their site.  So check them out!

I can attest to each of the 5 points that are made, but would actually add at least 1 more.

6. Be Flexible – Be open to the leading of the Spirit.  Be open to the direction of the discussion.  Be open to how it’s suppose to look.  The goal is growth.  That is achieved in many different ways.  Be flexible to adjust to how the Spirit leads you, your plan, the conversation, and how you think this is all suppose to take place.

5 Ways to Enrich Your Small Group Time!

Aaron Crumby

This year with my small group I decided to try somethings that I didn’t do with my last group, and boy has it paid off. So I thought I’d share with you five things that I’ve tried this year in my small group that has brought them closer, and has also made them more interested in their life with God. Now, maybe a lot of you are already doing these things, and if that is the case, keep going strong. But if not, I encourage you to try a few:

  1. Remove all social media devices. Make sure you let parents know that this is happening and how important it is that their child cooperates with this rule. Let them know your phone will be on if they need to reach their child.


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