Day: April 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Maddox!

Today Maddox turns 3!  Maddox is a man who knows what he wants.  Always has. Always will.  This little dude has to be one of the most determined, focused, and attentive 3 year old I have ever known.  He doesn’t miss a thing.  He notices when another kid at the zoo has on the same pair of shoes as Jonas.  He notices if we take a different route home from church.  He notices if his mom gets a haircut.  If he could give me a heads up occasionally, that would be great.  He notices everything.  He is also a pretty sensitive kid.  He can tell when someone is upset and he tries to comfort them.  The sweetest story about Maddox is how he treated a new student in his class last year.  This student was from China, didn’t speak English, and cried all day.  Maddox waited on him hand and foot and even fed him his lunch.  What a kid! We love our Maddox and are so glad he is our son.

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