Happy Birthday Jonas!

Today Jonas turns 3!  Jonas is our comedian and future front man.  He has an incredible imagination and is always dreaming up new ways to play with his toys.  He also loves music and singing.  When he sees a stage of instruments and a microphone he has to go check it out.  He even gets on the mic occasionally.  Jonas has the sweetest disposition and can melt the heart of his grandparents with just a smile.  He has a pretty powerful effect over his mother too.  Both of our kids can have that affect.  Jonas is constantly talking.  There is a steady stream of consciousness coming out of his mouth.  Whatever he thinks, he says.  A funny story about Jonas comes from on of his teachers at school.  They asked him when he was going to start peeing in the potty and with one hand held to the sky,  he responded with a resounding, “NEVER!”  We love our Jonas and are so glad he is our son.



music mantractor Flamingo Big boy Beach


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